Amplicom PowerTel 601 Wireless DECT 6.0 Wrist Shaker Receiver

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Using interference free DECT 6.0 technology, the versatile Amplicom PowerTel 601 Wireless Wrist Shaker for PowerTel Phones can act as a phone ring alert or remote answering device for all PowerTel phones. Worn on the wrist, users are notified by incoming calls through a vibration of the device. Whether in the home or out in the yard, users will never miss the incoming signal of a phone call. The splash-proof wrist device can even remotely answer calls by activating the speakerphone on the base of PowerTel phone with the touch of a button.

120V power source required

Other Features:

• Visual LED call signaling

• Up to 50 hours charge in standby mode

• Serves as additional emergency transmitter for the PowerTel 680

• works with PowerTel 500, 580, 580 Combo & 680

• Two year manufacturer’s warranty