Archgon Add-On Analog 1080P ColorNight Security Wired Weatherproof Bullet Camera

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We present to you the Archcam: a high quality 1080P color night 24H trending, security home camera. With new and improved technology, the Archcam captures all the details with clarity. Regular security cameras do not capture footage with such color and brightness. It's easy on the eyes when viewing the picture, and can be handy for evidence and description purposes. Get ready to experience a whole new level of HD quality and brilliant colors with the Archcam. 
1080p HD Color 24H - Provides clear footage in the dark
Backwards Compatible with Analog BNC Cables - Required at least 1080N DVR
Field of Viewing 103° - 24on of your home hour protection
Vandal Proof and Waterproof IP66 - Withstand all types of weather