24-Key Programmable Control Pad - Genovation CP24 USB HID

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The ControlPad CP24-USBHID is versatile, 24-key programmable USB Multimedia keyboard for PC Users
Your custom macro key definitions are back up within the CP24-USBHID

Product Descriptions:

The CP24- USB is versatile, 24-key programmable keypad. The keys are relegendable, allowing the user to label them to fit a specific need. The non-volatile, programmable memory allows the keypad to connect to any USB port without installing resident software. The keypad is easy to program using the Windows compatible software provided. Assembled with high-quality Cherry MX key switches, the keys are durable, yet light and easy to press -- a feature lacking on lesser quality keypads.


Ships with 3 Double Keys, 3 Single Keys, and a Keycap Puller.



24 fully programmable relegendable keycaps
Three double keys and a keycap puller included
6' USB cable with Type A plug
External Power Supply
2-level programmable, equivalent to 48 keys
Programmable LED
Supports USB MultiMedia keys
Supports F1 through F24