iRocks 10W Wireless Charger RGB Mouse Pad LED Gaming Keyboard Mat Wireless Charging Large Mousepad Non Slip Rubber Base Water Resistant Model # C16E

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Product Description:

  • RGB light border with several patterns selectable using touch control - Different patterns and solid colors add the right amount of color to your gaming station
  • 10w wireless charging pad for compatible devices - Have your device near you and within your line of sight while it wirelessly charges
  • Natural rubber coated surface is water-resistant for inevitable spills - During intense sessions there will be beverage spillage but this mat stands up to the abuse
  • High-quality fabric surface for smooth mouse movement and precision tracking - The best surface for your mouse to register every movement
  • Large 31" x 11" surface to hold both keyboard and mouse - This mat can cover your entire desk area and provide a clean look
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 2 lb