Solidtek Ergonomic keyboard ACK-916BU

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Solidtek ACK-916BU is an ergonomic desktop split designed keyboard that offers an ergonomic layout.  The keys are slightly angled to provide a better typing position for all day typing comfort.  Solidtek split ergonomic keyboard designed for a better posture, less strain, and more support.


  1.   Split ergonomic design encourages natural hand, wrist & forearm positions.
  2.   Reverse tilt angles to provide relax and natural angel for wrist.
  3.   Cushioned palm rest provides support and a neutral wrist position.
  4.   Natural Arc key layout mimics the curved shape of the finger tips.

Mechanical Specifications :

  1.  Key: 88 keys
  2.  Keyboard Dimension: 400x235x36mm(LxWxH) or 15.75x9.2x1.41 inch (LxWxH)
  3.  Switch Mechanism: Membrane

Electrical Specifications :

  1.  Compatible to USB version 1.1/2.0/3.0
  2.  Power consumption: +5VDC+/-5%@100mA(max)
  3.  Agency Approvals: FCC/CE/RoHS

Environmental Operation Condition :

  1.  Operating Temperature: 0 degree C – 50 degree C
  2.  Storage Temperature: -20 degree C – 65 degree C