TruTone Plus Electronic Artificial Larynx

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The TruTone™ Plus with USB charger is a highly adjustable electrolarynx speech aid that produces an excellent voice for individuals with vocal speech difficulties.


Remark:  Factory warranty is only valided if the product is shipped within US.  Factory warranty doesn't apply to oversea customer for this particular product.





The TruTone Plus is a highly adjustable hand-held electrolarynx that produces an excellent voice for people with vocal speech difficulties. The unit is made of impact resistant materials and operates on a 9V battery that can be recharged without being removed from the TruTone Plus. Using its pressure sensitive button, you can add intonation to your voice to created a more natural speech. A wide volume range is possible using the volume control knob. The TruTone weighs less than 5 oz with the battery and is made of durable impact-resistant materials.


    • TruTone electrolarynx

    • 4 tubes

    • Pitch adjusting screwdriver

    • Oral adapter

    • Lanyard

    • One 9V rechargeable battery

    • USB cord

    • USB to AC adapter